A Prayer for the Rivers

Jack Uldrich
Mar 12, 2024


A Voice of One Cries Out in the Wilderness:
“Pray for the Rivers.”

Ask the Unblessed.

“So,” says the Prophet,
“That the Rivers Don’t Forget to Pray for Us.”

–Jack Uldrich

[Grace Notes: The line “A voice of one cries out in the wilderness” comes from both Isaiah’s words in the Old Testament and John the Baptist’s words in the New Testament. The line “So that the rivers don’t forget to pray for us” was copped and modified from Leonard Cohen’s song, “Marianne” and this line: “I forget to pray for the angels and then the angels forget to pray for us.” The “prophet” in the poem is meant to be an amalgamation of Isaiah, John the Baptist, Leonard Cohen, and the wisdom of countless indigenous elders.]